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  • I moved my son, Johnny, from a public school to Trinity in the middle of 2nd grade. The teacher he had in public school would or could not challenge my child. I was getting notes sent home saying Johnny wouldn’t stay seated or was helping other kids without the teacher’s approval. Since I have moved him to Trinity I have had no issues with my son. Trinity has tapped into his uniqueness and challenges him daily. My daughter, Caitlin, started in the More at 4 Program and struggled at the beginning but is now succeeding. Teachers go out of their way to make sure their students exceed and use their potential. — Michelle Parsons

  • As a parent of two Trinity Christian students, one a graduate in the Class of 2013, and the other a sophomore, transferring my children to Trinity Christian School was the best decision I ever made in regards to their education. The teachers and staff care about their students; they care if your child is upset or hurting; they care if your child makes good grades and are always available as a resource for the students. Trinity Christian is a school with integrity, honor and the skills necessary to help shape their students into productive young adults. I am thankful that God comes first at Trinity and this is demonstrated through the staff and teachers who set examples of what being kind, compassionate and loving others through Christ means. This was not seen within their public school system, which is why I am thankful for Trinity Christian School. — Martha Green

  • Our son attended Trinity 6th-12th grades. Trinity’s Staff was absolutely the BEST! They were genuinely concerned about his academic, spiritual, social, and moral needs. The teachers worked with our son individually as well as collectively to ensure that his academic goals were achieved. We highly recommend Trinity Christian School to anyone who is seeking a stable, safe, caring, and friendly environment. Trinity is the epitome of what a learning institution should be. — Mr.and Mrs. J King

  • I first heard of Trinity Christian School through one of my Church members. I was looking for a private school when my now, twenty-three year old son, a 2009 graduate from Trinity, was in the 2nd grade. His teacher, who I talked to everyday, said that she was going to retain my son. That’s when our connection to Trinity began. The small classroom atmosphere coupled with a spiritual foundation seemed to work in our son’s favor. His grades improved, and he seemed more excited about going to school. Our youngest son who is now eighteen years old and will graduate from Trinity in May 2014, started in the three year old classroom at Trinity. Since our oldest son was doing so well, we decided to transition him into their Pre-K classroom and then on to school. Both of our sons excelled in their academics and grew to love their teachers. The small class size gave them the attention they needed to succeed not only in academics but morally also. The teachers at Trinity are not only invested in the children’s education but also in their moral character. They teach about life, and they care about what is going on not only at school but in their everyday life. Socially, for our oldest son it helped him gain confidence in himself and leadership. For our youngest son, Trinity helped him to become more outgoing, and now we can’t keep him still. Both of our sons played multiple sports which helped them grow in integrity, sportsmanship, and teamwork. The lessons they learned on the field helped them in their everyday life off the field. Their coaches played a big part in their development as upstanding young men. Trinity is like a family. I trusted them to make decisions for my children as if I would. The most important thing is that when I needed help with the discipline of my children I could go to a coach or teacher and they were always there to help. Trinity really cares about their children. — The Ross Family — Jeffrey Sr. and Dana Ross


  • Trinity has definitely impacted me in a few huge ways, one being discipline. With discipline I’ve learned that if you stay consistent with what you are trying to do everything is possible through Jesus Christ. Phil 4:13 is a scripture I learned through playing football at Trinity and it has stuck with me in my everyday life. “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me”. — Darian Jones

  • During my time at Trinity, I was never subjected to any mandatory bible classes, prayers, or church services, but the spiritual presence of Trinity could be felt throughout the school each day. The faculty including Pastor, Ms. Linda, Coach Chuck, Coach Heath, and Ms. Mary (to name a few) all exemplified themselves in a Christian-like manner. They led their lives this way and taught with this attitude. Overall, Trinity provided me with a home to grow both academically and spiritually and helped me keep my priority of God first, above everything else. I played football while at Trinity, but if not for Coach Chuck and Coach Heath I would have not played at the Varsity level. I always loved the game but I was always undersized, and I didn’t feel that I could contribute at the Varsity level. However, Coach Chuck and Coach Heath challenged me to play, and I was eventually a starter for my last two years when we won the state championship in 2007 and 2008. The dedication of the coaches and their commitment made me want to better myself at each practice and match their intensity. Overall, I was able to grow into a starter through the confidence and the diligence instilled in me through the coaches. — Joshua Hall

  • Having been a student at Trinity from Pre-K to the completion of my Senior year in High School, I feel that Trinity has been an invaluable resource in my development. Being at Trinity not only gave me the building blocks of my education, which helped me to become the Valedictorian of my Senior class, but also exposed me to the lessons of the Bible which have helped to shape me spiritually. Also, Trinity Athletics has given me the opportunity to grow physically from exercise as well as develop my character by showing me how to win and lose. I value Trinity and their mission, and am grateful for the opportunity to go there. I would recommend anyone to attend and be a part of the Trinity Family. — Miguel Arroyo

  • Trinity Christian School has impacted me in a social and athletic way. My years at Trinity were wonderful due to the family environment they present with the students. My social life at Trinity was good because the friends I’ve gained, while there, remain friends with me for a lifetime. On an athletic note; the competition was the best a player could ask for in any sport. My 2 overall favorite moments were winning 4 State Championships and graduating to go to the next level in my life, to become a better person. I have Trinity to thank for these amazing moments. — Chris Lindsay

  • Trinity was a God given opportunity that really changed my life. Attending Trinity I got to have one-on-one interaction with my teachers which was key to learning the material and enhancing my GPA. Also, Trinity was a gateway that lead me on to my college life athletically and academically. Coach Heath and Coach Chuck’s goal is to develop each player to the best of their ability and get them into school free on a scholarship. God planted a seed and it’s roots were at Trinity for me. They helped me get into Lenoir-Rhyne University on a scholarship and now I get my education, play basketball for free, and as bonus joined some campus ministries and learned more about Christ which in return made my life better walking with Christ everyday. — Dalvon McDaniel

  • Upon attending Trinity, I was troubled and had not yet reached my fullest potential academically, socially, or athletically. My aunt and uncle chose Trinity due to the classroom size and the hands on attention provided to students by the staff. My first year attending Trinity I was in the 7th grade and truly excelled in the area of academics; I went from a below average student to honor roll and upon completing my senior year graduated as Valedictorian. The staff at Trinity truly motivated, challenged, and inspired me to not only become a student, but a better person. Over the six year of attending Trinity my self-esteem had improved along with my general morals and values. Participating in athletics aided me with enhancing my communication skills, teaching me to be humble as well as ambitious. As a result of attending Trinity, I would not be where I am today; I was not only provided with the necessary materials to survive academically and establish a career but, advice that I utilize daily. — Amber M. Long
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