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Two instructional programs operate within Trinity Academics:

  • Trinity School of Academics (K-12)
  • Trinity and Fayetteville Technical Community College Collaboration

School of Academics

Trinity offers an outstanding academic program, Kindergarten through 12th grades. Our students are part of an accelerated learning environment led by teachers who are gifted facilitators. Students develop a love for learning that will last a lifetime as they develop into responsible, well rounded individuals.

Trinity School of Academics and Fayetteville Technical Community College Collaboration

school3Trinity and Fayetteville Technical Community College provide a concurrent enrollment program for 11th and 12th grade students whose GPA is 3.0 or higher and SAT score of 1,000 on Critical Reading and Math. This program affords students enrolled at Trinity accelerated degree-applicable courses for advanced scholastic and vocational purposes. The program is a gateway for students to receive academic achievements and other scholarships. Students have received several scholarships, including the Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship, Valedictorian and Academic Scholarships.

About Our School

Trinity Academics is non-sectarian, college-preparatory day school serving students in grades K-12. Our goal is to eliminate the achievement gap of students as we develop lifelong learners and well-rounded global citizens. Through comprehensive academic studies, character development programs and competitive sports, Trinity provides a challenging and balanced education for college-bound students.


Trinity’s commitment to its students is grounded in the belief that the school is responsible for fostering academic excellence, self-discovery and personal integrity. Our accelerated academic program inspires our students to achieve excellence at every level.

In operation for more than 20 years, we continue to educate our students to be independent life-long learners and leaders who are able to work and play across cultural and geographic boundaries with compassion, creativity and wisdom. We specialize in serving children who are academically challenged and make every effort to address educational dilemmas by encouraging ongoing curricular review and development.

For the past few years, several factors have caused Cumberland County public schools to experience dramatic increases in student population within concentrated areas.

school2In Northern Fayetteville, the density of more than 3,000 students within a five-mile radius is problematic because the teacher-to-student ratio is heavily stressed. Studies show that teachers cannot effectively teach if there are too many students in a single class.

Smaller classes allow the teacher to interact with more effectively with their students. Although the solution to provide smaller classes to achieve academic excellence is a sound idea, it is not feasible because of the lack of classroom space available verses the number of school-age children.

Trinity Academics offers a positive solution to families who rely on the public education system, and we are equipped to transform young boys and girls into leaders of the future. We have smaller classes and our teacher/student ratio is 1/12 or less for Kindergarten and 1/16 or less for grades K-5. By creating an enhanced learning environment, our students will be able to achieve academic success and be prepared for college and beyond.

  • In the 2005-2006 school year, 57 out of every 100 Black children and 46 out of every 100 Hispanic children in N.C. elementary schools failed to do grade level work in math,  compared to 25 out of every 100 white children.
  • About 46 of every 100 Black males who started high school four years earlier failed to make it to the 12th grade. The same is true for 46 of every 100 Hispanic males and 59 of every 100 American Indian males.
  • In 2005, over one out of three of young Black males who did not graduate went into our criminal justice system. Studies show that racially integrated schools benefit all students with a diverse learning environment.
  • Segregated schools have less experienced teachers who engage students in rigorous learning experiences. (North Carolina Justice Center [NCJC], 2007)

Who We Are

Trinity is an independent, non-profit, private day school which educates students in grades K-12.

A Board of Trustees governs Trinity. Advisory Boards are organized committees and each board has specific assigned duties and responsibilities. The Head of School is the Senior Administrator, who works collaboratively with a Leadership Team composed of gifted and certified teachers, and united with staff members functioning together at all levels achieving its vision and mission for the greater Fayetteville community.

What We Do

school4Our vision is for all learners to achieve excellence through the development of intellectual curiosity, personal accountability, recreational pursuits, and a love of learning as students prepare to take their place as responsible and contributing citizens.

Trinity strives to enhance and enable individuals to achieve and attain levels of success in diverse areas of their beings and lives. We cater to those who may be underachieving, struggling, and failing in other institutes while mainstreaming them with higher achieving students and academic courses. Each year the number of collegiate scholarship opportunities increase for our students. This year, many of our seniors acquired full scholarships.

How Well We Do It

Preschool, Child Care, and School Offerings and Achievements

  • Our Growth from 5 to 500 children since 1990;
  • Twenty years experience in private education;
  • K through 12 Private School with capacity to serve approximately 220 students;
  • Licensed by the State of North Carolina as a non-public school;
  • Accreditation currently in process.;
  • NC Pre-K Readiness Program—Cumberland County’s largest private site;
  • Licensed by the Division of Child Development for 391 children;
  • Certificate of Excellence from the Cumberland County Health Department;
  • Partners with the Department of Social Services as a service provider of subsidized child care;
  • Partners with Cumberland County Schools’ Titles I, II, and V;
  • Partners with Cumberland County Schools through cooperative Education opportunities;
  • Recipient of 1994 Smart Start Children First Funds (4 Star rating);
  • 21st Century Learning Center;
  • Recipient of the NC State 4H grant for 2004;
  • Recipient of four food programs:
    • NC Child and Adult Program
    • National School Lunch Program
    • ASCS Program
    • Second Harvest Food Bank

Trinity demands higher expectations for all students, sets clear and achievable goals, sets clear rules for behavior and equally enforces them; uses effective instruction and classroom management; carefully monitors each student’s progress, and emphasizes that school is a place for learning. In other words, TCS is a catalyst in the educational system; preparing students for a brighter future.

Privately Offered K-12 School for the Community and Its Achievements

  • Grades K-4 Mentoring/Teaching Reading and Math Achievements
    • 75% or more students accelerated one grade level
  • Grades 5-8 Mentoring/Teaching Reading and Math Achievements
    • 75% or more students accelerated one-half to one grade level
  • Grades 9-12 excels in English, Math, Sciences, History, Foreign Language, Computers and College Preparatory courses:
    • 85% or more students attend college;
    • Other graduating students join military services; and
    • Several graduating seniors received Academic scholarships.
  • athletics1High achieving competitive sports teams and performing arts program accomplishments:
    • Girls Varsity Basketball Champions 07-08;
    • Junior Varsity Football Champions 08-09;
    • Varsity Football Champions 08-09;
    • Several athletes have qualified to receive academic and sports scholarships at the collegiate level.

How We Benefit the Community

Trinity Academics’ mandate is to reverse the downward spiral of student underachievement and help each student discover a love of higher learning; build a set of personal goals and ethical values; develop a sense of self-respect for themselves and their natural environment; and foster an appreciation for the diversity of this multi-cultural world. For that reason, Leadership Challenge Partners are formed in order to enhance the students’ chances for success; students will have the opportunity to reach their academic and personal potential, develop a healthier and more cohesive sense of self as they make the transition into adulthood.

With your participation, you will not only share the power to profoundly impact these young lives, you magnify it immensely.


3727 Rosehill Road, Fayetteville, NC 28311
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